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Product Care


Infinity Crystal and Jewelry brings India the finest in fashion jewelry and crystal from the best craftsmen across the world. Each piece is handcrafted to perfection and each crystal is caressed into position with the utmost of precision and undergoes the strictest of quality checks before being launched in the market.

Crystal is a combination of Lead and Glass. 32% Pbo is used in the best of crystal. All the brands under the Infinity banner consist of a 32% Pbo lead content. This is the maximum amount of Pbo content is 32%. Lead gives glass the exceptional shine and glitter, which would be otherwise impossible to do achieve. Crystal requires no special care to maintain its glossy look and shine. Just regular cleaning with a soft cloth would suffice to retain its look. Do not let dust settle on the crystal for too long as dust has corrosive elements in it which could leave stains on the surface of the piece. These stains can come off but only after periodical cleaning with a very mild detergent solution.

Jewelry is a wonderful product, which needs care but is oh so pleasurable to do so. Infinity Jewelry has the finest components and the best plating for its pieces. The Rhodium is among the thickest in the world, which therefore lends greater lastivity to the piece. Do not let the jewelry come in contact with any perfume or water, as both are very corrosive in nature. Perfume has a very high level of vaporous spirit content, which can damage the plating. It would be advisable to first apply perfume and then after a few minutes wear the piece. The plating composition is as such that perspiration will not damage it but wiping the piece with a soft cloth after removing the jewelry would add to the life of the piece. Store the piece in the packaging as provided by Infinity as the same has soft interiors and will not let the piece strike against hard surfaces even if it falls.

Upon regular usage, the crystals used might develop a translucent milky film over it. There is no need for alarm as this can easily be removed with by gently but vigorously rubbing the surface with a soft cloth. You will immediately notice that the crystal actually has its original shine and glitter.


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